Julie-ann Nasiri

Associate Broker & Realtor® | NPG Team Leader | CCS®, CNE®, PEOPLE'S REALTOR 2016

Selling your home is easily one of the largest and most important transactions you are likely to ever make. As an institution, real estate has become intertwined within municipal, provincial, and national government and non-governmental organizations, each with their own sets of policies, procedures, and (by)laws. Naturally, such an intertwining results in an ever-increasing complexity, as these (non-) governmental organizations manifest at differing points throughout your transaction. This occurs, of course, in addition to the already complex lives you lead trying to juggle work, family, and life. Working within this complex and fast-paced institution over her lifetime led Julie-ann to form the Nasiri Property Group (NPG) - a comprehensive Real Estate Team that offers you the opportunity to consolidate your complex transaction under one 'roof'.
Named in 2016 as the People's REALTOR®, Julie-ann is recognized within the Calgary Real Estate Industry as an incredibly passionate and dedicated Realtor®. Julie-ann took her full-fledged commitment to the Real Estate industry and pushed it further, in 2016, by drawing on her incredible experience, knowledge, and drive to form the Nasiri Property Group (NPG). As Julie-ann says:

"NPG is designed with the client in mind. Today's market needs people who are committed to providing a form of customer-service that is fully aware of not only the intricacies of the transaction, but the complexities of our clients' daily-lives. Although this is a large and important transaction, this isn't the only thing that is going on in our clients' lives - they're parents, children, employers, employees, and so forth, with a range of responsibilities that come along with it. This is why I have always oriented the Team and myself to delivering what I call a 'family-oriented' service. In doing so, I believe we focus less on treating the client(s) as customers who come in and out of our lives with this business transaction, and more as family - people we want to see happy, to grow with their loved ones in their new lives and spaces; people we always ensure we do right by. In addition, I wanted to not only bring exceptional Realtors® to the table, but have those Lawyers, Mortgage Advisors, and Home Inspectors that I know will provide the same level of exceptional service, and unfaltering expertise. That's what makes NPG a comprehensive, power-house of a Team. We are run and backed by truly incredible people, committed to helping you."

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